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Q: What makes Homewatch Corp different than most other property management groups?

A: For starters, only the owners of Homewatch have access to your keys and are the only persons that will inspect your home. Many other services use hired personnel. At Homewatch we will only accept a strict number of clients that allow us to maintain a personal approach. Another reason we're different than other services is that we're generally in your or very near your neighborhood during regular business hours, so we're usually less than 30 minutes away from your home. We're also more hands-on than most home watching services and know what to look for to make sure contractors provide what they were hired to provide. 

Q. How will we know you've actually been to and inspected our house?

A. Great question! We email or text you after every inspection. We can send photos as well. We can even do video conferencing directly from your home.  Also, know that only owners of Homewatch Corp make interior property inspections, never paid employees.

Q. How fast can you be at our house in an emergency? 

A. Monday through Friday during regular business hours we are generally no more than 30 minutes away from your home. It's quite possible that we can be there in less than 5 minutes. After hours our typical response time would be 60 minutes.  


Q. What if I have my own favorite contractors?

A. Great - feel free to use them. Repairs happen, but that doesn't mean you should fear the contractor. By all means, if you've got a favorite we'll open the door for them and assist you in any way we can.